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Valet Parking Services

Our company provides services in Valet Parking issues and has expert staff;

Annual agreements in the areas of sites, shopping malls, residences and business centers, as well as daily part-time sports events, meetings, openings, events, product launches, exhibition and fair organizations, gala days, etc. He works in all other organizations.

If you are considering assigning us to your institution or activities;

We are committed to you!




Valet Parking Services
Valet and parking services

about us

It was established and started to operate in May 2012, with its headquarters in Istanbul, with great dedication.

Thanks to its many successful, innovative and exemplary services, it has continued to grow with firm steps every day.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial structure of our group's managers, they first started with the management team they formed by coming together with managers who are successful in their sectors and experts in their fields. Private Security Services and Training starting immediately after Organization, Security systems, Human resources and Valet – Parking By gaining valuable success in the fields of service, we have demonstrated once again that customer satisfaction is our sole purpose and we have achieved these conditions by "Sesa Group'They have adopted the principle of 'family'. 

Valet and Parking Services

What Can We Do For You?

Our primary goal is to see our institution as your family and to use us for your businesses and events that require valet and parking services.

Professional Valet Service

It was established to provide professional valet parking, expert drivers and staff for special occasions, seminars, conferences, tourism, weddings, meetings, invitations, meals and organization services.

Safe Parking Service

Our valued customers, who use valet and parking services, offer you the best service with the comfort of our company assurance, instead of parking or open area parking.

Insurance Assurance

Your vehicles are insured against any damage from the moment they are delivered to the valet staff until they are picked up again.

Valet Parking Services

Outdoor personnel and customer waiting areas vary depending on the permissions obtained from the competent authorities.

Valet Parking Services

Valet stands change their dimensions according to the suitability of the space. Materials that can be easily disassembled and assembled are used.

Valet Parking Services
Recognizable clothing. Phosphorescent writings suitable for night/far vision. Waterproof, durable hat. Ventilated antiperspirant. Stretchy, warm fleeces.
Fast and Safe Valet Service

Our Working System

Our guests' vehicle and contact information are instantly recorded by our experienced staff on a software-applied tablet / PC or compatible mobile phone upon receipt. The information is transferred to the central computer as a digital record and in written form on the parking registration slip.
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It is also recorded as an SMS on the customer's mobile phone.

The vehicle and person information recorded during the stage is communicated to the vehicle owner in writing. The content of the voucher includes contact, vehicle, fee and personnel information. It is important that guests do not want to wait. With our experience, software studies based on the barcode system were carried out. Each voucher is assigned a unique code number. With the code reader, vehicle owners are provided with access within seconds.

We use a barcode system to reduce waiting times and ensure fast vehicle delivery. Data such as contact information, vehicle information, wages and personnel information are recorded on each voucher. Our guests can quickly access recorded data by scanning the record-specific code number on the receipt with a barcode reader.

The barcode system is integrated with software operations, providing efficiency and fast data access. Our guests can pick up their vehicles within seconds without waiting. This system maintains the accuracy of registered vehicle and person information and aims to provide a safe service.

The barcode system, developed to provide a fast and effective valet service to our guests, increases customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times. It has become an important tool as it works efficiently and provides quick access to accurate information.

The last stage of registration and notification is the SMS system sent to the vehicle owner. At this stage, vehicle information, vehicle registration number and insurance coverage are provided via SMS.

With the SMS system, in case of loss of valet parking ticket, the registration number sent via SMS is scanned into the system, the vehicle owner is queried and the vehicle is delivered to the correct person.

Valet Parking Services


Our company, under the roof of 'Sesa Group of companies', sees and implements corporate governance principles as a requirement for long-term and permanent success. Our employees are successful professionals who establish long-term and trust-based relationships and add energy, honesty, experience and value to business processes.

Valet Parking Services


To be a respected, effective, nationally and internationally preferred company that develops and maintains its market effectiveness and dominance by benefiting from the synergy created by the service sector we operate in, all the services and product diversity it offers to its guests.

Valet Parking Services


To be a company that develops its employees, adopts a proactive approach to developing and changing customer expectations, is open to change, adopts a constantly developing and learning organizational culture, and achieves its profitability targets that enable commercial development, provided that it prioritizes internal and external customer satisfaction.


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Our contact form is your convenient tool for communicating about valet parking services. You can contact us by providing your name, e-mail address and message about valet parking. We will address your requests as soon as possible and strive to provide you with the best service. We are focused on customer satisfaction and look forward to working with you to meet your valet parking needs. Contact us using the contact form and let's get started.